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I have greatly appreciated the enthusiastic response to the past coaching sessions. I did not anticipate that there would be this amount of interest in these sessions so I will have to create a waiting list for any new participants.  It has become apparent that the best use of my skillset is to work with those that work as trainers, therapists or are new to the experience of Awakening;  whether you are going through it now or recently coming out of  it.


So, the new focus of the coaching sessions will emphasize the culmination of the spiritual path and the advanced issues that present themselves in the Awakening process.  There are innumerable sources where anyone can get assistance with the beginning of this path but what seems to be lacking is a resource for the experienced to look to.  So, I would like to offer myself to those experienced in this path to help guide them to the next shore.  


I will be offering one hour sessions or one month intensive coaching programs for those who want individualized support on your own path. The programs will include weekly Zoom discussions that will amount to at least six hours of individualized face time over the course of five weeks where we tailor suit an engaging and living practice based on your unique life and circumstances. Together, we will explore your main focus in life and carefully examine every facet and nuance of your experience to ensure that your life is aligned to your path. The fees for the one hour session are 100$ and the one month intensive coaching programs will be 450$. 

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