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Sep 23, 2021
Hi, I'm called Sandra Anne. I was also a friend of Jed McKenna and his student until his recent passing. My website is you can read more about this character I play there. I have also written a book that you can find out about on my website. I used Jed McKenna's spiritual autolysis method to unravel all the lies that I used to believe and that ruled this life causing untold sorrows. I'm a coach now for those who are ready to take it to the next level, the level of intensity that is all consuming, which is the only level capable of propelling you out of your own mind created madness and into a world/dream that actually works in ways that will amaze you time and time again. Life is a miracle and if you aren't seeing that then you have work to do, just maybe get with it because that is the only purpose to your life, everything and I do mean everything else is literally immaterial. Once you are out of it you don't ask "What can life do for me?", no, now you ask, "What can I do for life?" and then you listen because it will actually tell you and it will be better than anything this "self" that you thought you were could ever have come up with, just it all unfolds for you and you never actually do another thing ever again just you are somehow still "in the world" but you are never "of the world" ever again. Once you "get it" you are free, you have served your purpose, and the only other ultimate thing to do after that is to share it not because it's a nice thing to do but because it is what you are. I look forward to seeing what arises, because whatever that is, is already it. Consider these quotes, "Whatever happens must be the best thing that could happen because it is the thing that does happen. Ultimately, the only criteria we have by which to determine what is best is what occurs." Jed McKenna "The truth though, is that nothing is really wrong. Nothing is ever wrong. It's not even wrong to believe that something is wrong. Wrong is simply not possible." Jed McKenna "The universe is funny about how it puts us exactly where we need to be to pick up the next piece of the puzzle." Jed McKenna "You observe events and you allow the flow of things to do the steering and you go where you go." Jed McKenna "All I ask is the little faith needed for making the first step. With experience will come confidence and you will not need me anymore. I know what you are and I am telling you. Trust me for a while." Nisargadatta Just reading these quotes over and over again can start you on your way. You can't even read something you are not supposed to read. Nothing I tell you, nothing is accidental, just if you made it to this site what I'm telling you is that is your clue...Further...don't stop until you make it home. Much Love, Sandra Anne


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