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Mar 28, 2022
In General Discussion
Hi, Dear teacher, and everyone: My name is Blanche Wu. Im a Chinese. Forgive my bad english but I want to express my huge gratitude to my teacher Marc, in a formal way. I know you don't need this at all, but if I don't do this, I'll feel im lying. I must embarrassingly confess that as a born and raised easterner, I didn't know any eastern philosophy before you were willing to teach me. I was a rebel refuse to obey any rules in my culture. Of course the result is I ignored every treasure in my own culture gene. I remember I told you that everything I learn was from the west, but you laughed and said everything you had ever learned was from east and perhaps this is how this world evolves. It is you who introduced and taught me the real treasure in the east but in a way that free from the old trap of any name and form in any system. I don't know what english words I should use to express my deep gratitude. I feel so grateful for this whole thing. Besides precious dharma transmission and guidance, to me, the biggest influence that I got from you is how to be a person. What is it like to be a decent human. I want to apologize for every of my ignorant behavior during our interaction. You had never said a word criticizing me, but you taught me real love by your own behavior. It is said that if we can't be a good human, it's quite impossible for us to 'be a buddha'. I learn this from my observation and mimiccing of you. And I gradually understand why in Chinese culture and buddhism masters always value virtue that much. It's a complete science manual book. It works. In a sense I envy western people, I beg everyone who read this to seize the opportunity, treasures a good physical teacher at this golden age of awakening. Wisdom without compassion is arrogant 'wisdom'. Nothing wrong with being arrogant, but the process of polishing our edges is inevitable, 100% impossible to be avoided, whether before recognizing our real nature for the first time, or after. It's a lifetime training and a lifestyle that calls for the most honesty and sincere faith and perhaps it's the best offering we can ever give our world. From my own experience, spiritual practicing is not just about understanding a theory, it's a solid rebirth(perhaps death) from fire, over and over. All the deep realizations on the theory level need to penetrate to the level of words and behaviors. When I see the comments on this website, I feel like shedding tears. When I see others mean words to great brave teachers like Jed and you, my heart is broken. Why it's so sad to see us, so-called spiritual practitioners, using the hardest words to attack others without any consideration, because I know they will feel the pain in their heart, someday, sooner or later, with no exceptions. How would I know? because in a sense I did similar thing too in my past, all the childish arrogant mean words that I had ever said, I received an equal amount of heavy guilt and regret afterward, every single one. I learn from my own behavior. No one can escape from the consequence of our own behavior. It's a physical law. Emptiness and the content chain within it are never two separate things. I say this because I don't want to see others experience what I experienced from my own mistakes. You don't have to. If I said anything wrong, that must be my own ignorance. Anyone who reads this please don't take this as criticizing, if my words cause anyone uncomfortable feelings, please accept my apology here. Just consider me as a hen that can't help protecting. LOL. Deep gratitude, sincerely, Blanche, in Beijing


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