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The main thing that I want to write about is how I have been once again intrigued with the concept of the Trinity. It seems that everything could be reduced to three. Everything, Nothing and their inseparability. 0, 1 and the infinite that lies between them. Just like a black and white TV where there is only light, dark and the combination of them both to give rise to infinite possible pictures on the screen. This is the same basis for our entire universe. The One reflecting back into Nothingness gives rise to the ten thousand things.


(My only attempt at poetry)

Everything is.

Nothing is.

And Everything and Nothing are inseparable.

From Zero to One is infinity

There is only Zero.

There is only One.

Their inseparability makes two.

These are the three dimensions of Reality.

All is Unreal.

All is Real.

All is both and therefore neither Unreal or Real.

The Ultimate Truth is 1 and 2 make 3.

Mother and Father make Child

Movement and Stillness make Manifestation.

Nothing and Everything make Something.

All opposites make three.

White being all Color.

Black being the absence of color.

Together they make not just two but the infinite spectrum of

color between the two.

When the One imagines separation, it appears that there is a…

Someone Doing Something.

Thinker Thinking Thoughts.

Creator Creating Creation.

All is God Goding over Goddom.

The Universe Is.

The Universe Moves.

The Movement of Isness makes the Universe.

Our world is what it looks like when God looks in the Mirror.

For God to know himself he must look at his self. Our lives are

nothing less than the result of God looking for God. When we look

for ourselves we find God and when we look for God we find


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One Dead
One Dead
a day ago

I love this so much, and I definitely have had the same beliefs as you!

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